Compassion Action Plan (CAP)

In modern times there is normally more help required then support offered, and it will sometimes seem overwhelming to start thinking how exactly we can benefit others. Although we have to accept the realities of this world, we do not need to be limited by them. There are four main projects which our foundation will be focussing on which are listed below:

  1. Changing the lives of our Children – Project ‘Mama Africa’ (the Mam Patti project)
  2. Changing the lives of our Communities – Project ‘Senzokuhle’ (the CBO Network project)
  3. Water is Life – Project ‘Amanzi Ayimpilo’ (the Water project)
  4. Finding Hope in troubled times – Project ‘Transform Your Life’ (the Behaviour Change project)

The above is called a Compassion Action Plan (CAP) because all the above actions require deep compassion to inspire change and transformation, combined with the wisdom to take on only what is practical and possible with the causes and conditions collected.

Under each project there are further key focus areas which will become the parts that will deliver inspiration and change in the lives of our self and others:

Project ‘Mama Africa’:
a) Child care and Parenting
b) The Schools programme – meditation and literacy programmes
c) Creches in Rural areas and feeding schemes

Project ‘Senzokuhle’ (‘Doing Good’):
a) Permaculture and food security
b) Relief
c) Health education
d) Financial education
e) Behaviour Change – (dealing with drugs and alcohol abuse, crime and violence)

Project ‘Amanzi Ayimpilo’ (‘Water is Life’):
a) The Water project – installing and maintaining water purification units in Rural areas

Project ‘Transform Your Life’
a) Behaviour Change – (dealing with mindset evaluation and mental wellbeing education)

Being an non-profit organisation (NPO) it is not just funding that we require to implement and maintain the above objectives, but more importantly a network of inspired individuals and organisations who want to drive sustainable change in others lives. If you are interested in providing support in any shape or form to the fulfilment of the above CAP objectives, please email us on

For those of us who knew Patti Joshua and want to help others in the scope of our own daily life, we don’t have to be in the many hills of eShowe and surrounds to ask ourselves this question, “What would Patti do?” It’s time to start this trend, #WhatWouldPattiDo.

Together, the legacy of Mam Patti continues.