Family messages

Messages from Patti’s children:


Her daughter and eldest child Adelaide Joshua-Hill:
I want to take this time to thank all of you for being here for our mom. She would be so touched by the kindness that everyone has shown.
Now to you Mommy.
– Thank you for marrying our Dad
– Thank you for loving me unconditionally everyday
– Thank you for playing with me when I was small
– Thank you for doing my hair
– Thank you for trying to teach me how to cook and bake, I will keep practicing
– Thank you for making me all those dresses even the ones I didn’t really like
– Thank you for making life fun even when times were tough
– Thank you for making sure I got the best education
– Thank you for encouraging me to do what I wanted to do
– Thank you for showing me how to respect those around me
– Thank you for discipling me in the calmest way
– Thank you for looking after my children and allowing me to follow my dreams
– Thank you for believing in me when many thought I would fail
– Thank you for showing me what strength is
– Thank you for listening to me and giving me advice
– Thank you for standing by me when I was at my best and at my worst
– Thank you for being part of every great event that has happened in my life this far
– Thank you for being you.

I have learn’t so much from you, you are not just my mommy, you are my teacher, you are my friend and my hero. It was time for you to move on and start a new journey and although I will miss you every second of every day, I know I will always carry you with me.

I love you Mom, and we will watch over Dad and each other for you.

Her eldest son Kelsang Phuntsog (aka Brett Joshua):
I am Kelsang Phuntsog, Buddhist monk, eldest son of Patti and I have written this letter to my Mom to celebrate our time together.
Dear Mom,
It is never easy to say goodbye, I have no words to describe my feelings. I know you have the merit to journey onwards to a Pure Land, right inside your Guru’s heart, and I know you would not want me to be sad. So I want to thank you for the things we did together that has made me the person I am today.
– You gave me life, you taught me the mysteries of the universe, from dinosaurs to natural oils
– You shared your healing touch, not only to cure outer illness but also to soothe the minds of our negativity from within
– You stood by me because I was different and unique, and we had fun being the crazy, happy people we thought we are
– You taught me to reach beyond my limits, you found outlets for my wisdom, you guided me out of laziness and into compassionate action. I never said thank you enough.
– You showed me an example of what a compassionate, humble being can achieve in this world, and it is much more than I could have ever imagined
– You stopped my wish to follow depression, you taught me patience, you taught me how to look after others
– We travelled the world together, we learnt new things and whenever possible we spent time laughing, although usually you were laughing at me
– You handled my wit and sarcasm, and I handled being your travel agent, IT guy and so much more
– We always shared our big ideas to change the world, and we were always working hard to try and achieve them too
– You weren’t just my mother, you were and still are everyone’s mother, a real example of Mother Africa

Many have said a light has gone out in this world, but I choose to believe, as it teaches us in Buddhism, that your light has moved on to continue shining upon all living beings, and definitely within the hearts of all you have touched in this life. Your legacy will continue through us.

Here I stand today, a man who has already changed the lives of many, but through your example, I am destined to change the lives of many more living beings. This is not the time to let your good actions fade away, they exist already in all of us and just needs an outlet.

Thank you Mom, you always said I was your master (like a wise teacher), but I think you have proved to be the humble, compassionate master.

Her adopted daugther Lungile Dladla:
It is hard to talk about someone who worked tirelessly for the benefit of other people. I am talking about someone who put other people’s needs first before hers. What a good example Mom has been to all the people.

I would like to thank Bab Trevor and the whole family by allowing mom to carry on serving people even when it was during hard times. At times the centre had no money or funds to pay for its expenses but the family was always there to help.

You were precious gift from God. So much beauty, grace, love and patience you possessed. You touched my heart in so many ways. Our strength and smile even on dark days made me realised I have an Angel beside me.

iSenzokuhle illahlekelwe yikho konke ngoba besazi umam Patti ulusizo kithi sonke.
(Senzokuhle has lost a jewel, that’s Mam Patti, she was a great help to all.)

The whole of eShowe community and the whole world has lost a jewel that dedicated her whole life serving all beings, till your last days you were still planning to better the lives of people. You have left good footprints.

May your lovely soul rest in peace Mom. We will always miss your love and kindness that you showed us.

Her second eldest son Arthur Joshua:
My mother knew no end to care and love. She was a person that loved unconditionally. A true woman that never said, “I don’t know or I can’t.” She always found a way or an answer. Her words, “You are a Joshua and a Joshua finishes whatever they start”, still ring in my ear.

I feel this is the hardest thing for me. It is extremely difficult for me to explain how much my mom meant to me.

Through my health issues, she was there. Through my academic achievements, she was there. Through my sporting achievements, she was there. When I had my kids, she was there.

I just want to say thank you for every little and big thing you have ever done, for being the rock in my life. I’d do anything to give you a message again, to hear your laugh again, to go out to the rural areas with you again and see you smile during and at the end of a project.

I love you so much mom and I miss you.

Her youngest son Carl Joshua:
My mother was someone who inspired me. You and Dad are the best tag team in my opinion.

All I can do is thank you for all that you have shown me and all that you have helped me with. Every time I was ill you would find the best way to cure my illness even if it didn’t taste that good.

I remember you saying the worst it tasted the better it is for you.

I remember you telling me that I was the baby of the organisation as I was born when the centre started. You told me I had many mothers growing up many of which I see today. Although I am grateful for everyone who looked after me you were my one and only mom.

I have never met someone who is as devoted as you in everything. Helping people, looking after us and so much more, and even though you walked around in different colour socks I will still walk in your footsteps.

I want to start a trend, my brothers and sister say it often. “What would Patti do.” So everytime you think of doing something ask yourself, “What would Patti do.”